Vacation Snack List

August 10, 2019

If you are following a healing diet, you know just how stressful this can make traveling, or even leaving the house for a few hours! Are there going to be options where I'm going? What if there's no good choices, and I have to compromise? What is that going to mean for how I feel the rest of my trip? These are all thoughts I struggled with the first couple years of having IBD, and finally feel like I know what I'm doing. 

Over the past couple of years, I have compiled quiteee the list of snacks, and mastered what it takes to feel my best + stay full anytime I'm away from home. How many days is this for? 9. How many people? Me. And yeah, there won't be much left when I get home.


*disclaimer: I follow a SCD *based* diet, since this is generally what keeps me feeling my best. However, I don't let the title of SCD define what I can or can't eat. I eat what makes me feel my best, and some of that isn't SCD. This snack list does not adhere to one single diet, but to what keeps MY gut happy.


Hope you enjoy! 



-Coconut Yogurt (homemade. Recipe on "recipes" highlights)

-Taali Lily Pops (10-12)

-Wild Zora Bars (lamb) (10-12)

-Epic Bars (6)

-Apple Sauce Pouches (24)

-YoYo Bear Fruit Leathers (20+) and sour

-Stretch Island Fruit Leathers (20)

-Coconut Cereal + Elmhurst 

-Coconut Wraps (NUCO)(20)

-Medjool Dates


-Himalayan Pink Salt

-Baking Soda + Capsules 

-Flax Seed

-Kombucha (9)

-Collagen Packets To-Go (Thrive)

-Caramel Tahini Bars (homemade on blog)

-Wild Zora Soup Packets

-Graham Crackers + Marshmallows (homemade on blog)



-Honey Packets

-Orange Juice

-Coconut Oil

-Sunflower Butter

-AIP Protein Balls

-AIP BBQ sauce or honey mustard


-Coconut Milk Caramel Candies (recipe)

-Manuka Honey Candy

-Fronen Ice Cream

-Rhythm Carrot Sticks





*Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links in which I will receive a small percentage if you purchase from them at no additional cost to you. However, these are all products that I know and love, and I will never recommend something that I would not or do not use myself. Thank you for helping me continue to build my blog!*





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Freeze your bananas the night before for an extra creamy texture 



Buy frozen fruit in bulk (the small bags last me one day)



Buy your fruit and veggies ORGANIC! You can skip out on organic for fruits and veggies with a thick, peelable skin. 


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