Paleo Smoothie Bowl

July 29, 2015

Smoothie bowls are all the craze lately and I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm a complete convert. I eat these things religiously, and when I say religiously, I mean I can not remember a day in the past year that I have not consumed one. Seriously. I am obsessed. This smoothie bowl is completely paleo and can very easily be made vegan, and AIP (Autoimmune paleo). 


This recipe is completely customizable and I change mine up all the time. In addition, this recipe will not include measurements, because this, as well, is completely up to you. My basic, go-to smoothie bowl consists of:




-Homemade Almond Milk (omit and sub for coconut milk for aip)

-Organic frozen strawberries

-Frozen bananas


-Fresh Bananas

-Fresh Organic Strawberries

-Frozen Organic Blueberries

-Almond Butter

-Honey (omit for vegan)

-Bee pollen (omit for vegan)



-Step #1: Combine frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, and enough almond milk to blend in a blender (I use as little as possible to make mine an ice cream consistency). Blend until smooth and creamy. 

-Step #2: Chop of fruit. Top with toppings!

-Step #3: Take a few minutes to perfectly capture your beautiful smoothie bowl to compete with everyone else that will be posting pictures of their mediocre smoothie bowls. Post to Instagram and Snapchat. Enjoy!

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Freeze your bananas the night before for an extra creamy texture 



Buy frozen fruit in bulk (the small bags last me one day)



Buy your fruit and veggies ORGANIC! You can skip out on organic for fruits and veggies with a thick, peelable skin. 


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