Your Health is an Investment

This phrase is something that has been a really pressing topic in my mind lately. As I am taking the steps into post-college adulthood, I have began making budgets and realizing just how expensive my healthcare is going to be on my own. I am beyond blessed to have parents that have and are currently covering this for me, but as I look into the near future of taking this on myself, it can get kind of overwhelming.

The average American pays for health insurance, but uses this for check-ups, and possibly the rare sickness that brings them into the doctor. Not only do I routinely see a gastroenterologist on top of all other routine “normal person” checkups, but I also see a functional specialist that is 100% uncovered by health insurance. My supplements each month add up to the rent of an average apartment, and my insurance seems to cover less and less of my prescribed medications for my Crohn’s disease each refill. This is without even getting into the cost of organic, clean food. And the amount of gelatin, collagen, fermented food, and bone broth I consume each week is kind of unreal.

It’s so easy to look at this and feel like I am at a disadvantage compared to other people my age who are starting out. And while this may be true monetarily, I feel SO BLESSED to have such supportive parents, and doctors who look far beyond the surface of my symptoms. So yes, I am EXTREMELY high maintenance and don’t have the luxury of living simply, cutting corners on food, or giving up some supplements each month. But through all of this, I have found SO MUCH healing and freedom. I have become connected to my body and have learned to stop ignoring symptoms, because that’s how my body communicates with me. I have absolutely become so fascinated with the scientific aspect of food, environmental factors, and our state-of-mind, and how these all interconnect and influence each other. Through all of this sickness, and confusion, and expense, I have finally found my passion and a type of learning that I never get tired of.

So all of this to say, I FEEL YOU and how much of a struggle it is to feel like you’re living way below your means simply because all of your resources go to medically related aspects. But as I fall deeper in love with the lifestyle of holistic health, this bitterness and frustration diminishes more and more. Your health is NOT an expense, IT’S AN INVESTMENT! An investment in the home we currently live in, and a passion for something that has changed my life for the better, and gives me a voice to be an encouragement to others. LISTEN to your body, and honor it in how you choose to treat it. It’s totally worth it.

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