Summer Salsa with Cinnamon Coconut Chips (SCD, AIP, Vegan)

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and with each passing day, fall seems to slip into the air just a little bit more. I use to hold on to every scrap of summer I could, because I knew fall=school. But these days, as an official graduate/semi-functioning adult, summer really means nothing to me if we are going to be totally honest. Most of my vacations are in fall/winter, my abilities to build a strong tan have fallen off of the face of the earth, and work is all year round anyways. With all of that and Tennessee summers being H O T as, know, fall has quickly become my favorite season EVER. Now, I totally realize all of this is making no sense since I am doing a "Summer Salsa" post, but think of it as a celebration of the end of an era. That era being summer. Also, think of it as one of my last recipes you'll see for the next 3-months without pumpkin being a main ingredient.

So basically, traditional salsa is just not an option for me. With all of my nightshade intolerances, your traditional tomato base isn't easily substituted. Luckily, the definition of salsa is up for debate, and in my eyes it means any sort of chopped up, mixed, dippable side dish. On top of all of that, how does one find a CHIP THAT IS SCD?! This question stumped me for months, until I got creative and realized that the coconut wraps I was so obsessed with could be tossed in some healthy oil and fried. Works like magic. SO, totally SCD, AIP, & vegan, I bring you my Summer Salsa with Cinnamon Coconut Chips! Let's get started!

->Keep in mind that you can substitute any berry or fruit you'd like/have on hand, and measurements really don't pertain to any of this. Be creative and change it up to your liking!






-Lime (juice)

-Coconut Wraps

-Coconut Oil

-Cinnamon-Honey (optional)

Directions for Salsa:

Step #1: Finely dice all fruit and toss in bowl to combine.

Step #2: Top with the juice from 1/2-1 lime.

Step #3: Toss with a drizzle of honey for added sweetness *OPTIONAL*

Directions for Coconut Wraps:

Step #1: Cut your coconut wraps into triangles (one coconut wrap usually makes around 8 for me).

Step #2: Melt enough coconut oil in a pan to cover bottom (around 1/4th inch of oil) on medium high.

Step #3: Once coconut oil is hot and carries a slight simmer, toss in 4 triangles at a time, ready to remove with tongs. Watch closely, and once coconut chips BEGIN to take on a SLIGHT BROWN COLOR, remove immediately! Lay on paper towel to soak up excess oil. (They will finish cooking even outside of the oil).

Step #4:

Repeat step #3 until all chips are fried, and top with cinnamon. Let cool.Step #5: Enjoy with "Summer Salsa"!

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