Period Hacks for an Easier Period

This may sound like a very self-depreciating post at first, but I promise, I have solutions!!!! Growing up, I never understood period problems. Mine always came on time, were over in 3-4 days, and I had very minimal cramps if any at all. This lasted all the way through my freshman year of college when you would hear me say things like..and I quote: "I love my period! It's when I feel the happiest. It's like a rush of happy hormones."

Yeah, this is probably why I only have a small group of close girlfriends. Well, I think I jinxed myself, because sophomore year brought those days to an end. After this, when it came to welll...basically half the month (the week before and the week of my period), the situation goes more like me being abundantly happy for a few minutes and then straight crying the next. It's exhausting.

I hated not feeling like myself and finally understood what girls were talking about with they say they literally can't control their emotions. I was that crazy, unpredictable girl. Very important sidenote: this is also the time my periods were ALL OVER THE PLACE! I'd have a 18 day cycle, and then a 28 day cycle, and then maybe I'd skip one and then the next one would come in 22 days. Alllll the while spotting almost the entire month. I felt like a disgusting mess. And I was. Finally, I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and I decided to talk to my doctor and make a change.

My whole life I had been told that birth control was the answer to get your period back on track, but even before I was all about holistic health, I didn't feel like this was worth the side effects or synthetically playing with my hormones. This is when my doctor told me about Period Hack #1: Evening Primrose Oil. Evening Primrose Oil is a completely natural supplement known for it's amazing effects on period symptoms. This stuff relieves cramps, mood swings, helps with acne, headaches, irregular periods, and basically every single bad thing about that time of the month. It sounds too good to be true, but my periods were back on track and I was a normally functioning human again within ONE-MONTH. Spread the word.

Period Hack #2: Magnesium. Put down the Midol and take a combination of these two things, and you will be solid. Magnesium functions as a muscle relaxant, helping to alleviate cramps, and in my situation, constipation. There is literally NOTHING on this earth worse than being on your period and being constipated. I can vouch for this. One or two a day and I'm good to go.

Period Hack #3: Rice Sock. This one may sound weird, but with the cramps that are left, heat helps to alleviate mine sooo much. All I do for long-lasting heat is take a tall sock, fill it with rice, tie the top, and microwave for 2 minutes. I place this on my back, tummy, legs, and wherever I'm having cramps before I go to bed and it always helps me get to sleep.

Period Hack #4: Dark Chocolate. And I'm not talking about that 60% milky sugary trash! I'm talking about dairy-free, refined-sugar free, real cacao chocolate. This is where you're gonna find the most benefits, the least breakouts, and the greatest symptom relief. My favorite brand of yummy healthy chocolate is Santosha. Particularly their Rhodiola and Himalayan Red Salt. This tastes like legit milk chocolate, but it's basically just cacao, rhodiola, and coconut nectar. Whattt. True dark chocolate not only gives you a rush of happy (aka endorphins), but it also contains magnesium for cramps and antioxidants to keep you looking fresh. So eat your chocolate and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Period Hack #5: Workout...when you want to. This sounds contradictory, but you always hear that working out helps to alleviate period pains, but it doesn't always do this for me. My 2nd day is my heaviest and most painful, and if I try to workout, I feel like I'm dragging myself through every step and just end up feeling worse after. Basically every other day than that, it makes me feel loads better! Basically, this last tip is me telling you to listen to your body, and not necessarily what everyone else is telling you. Your period takes a toll on your energy, stamina, and mind. If you wake up exhausted and working out seems like the last thing you want to do, then lay in bed, eat some chocolate with your rice sock and watch Netflix! If you set aside what everyone is saying and truly listen to your body, you'll hear what it's telling you. Inspirational, right?

I hope this helped all my fellow gal pals and shed some real honest light on #girlstruggles. If you have any other tips, I'm always looking for new ideas! Follow me on social media and leave a comment! Happy period! 🍷

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