Fluffy Sunflower Pancakes (SCD - Paleo)

Since eliminating most starches, eggs, and nuts, my pancake trials have had a high failure rate. And by high, I mean 100% up to this point. Every single time I have attempted a pancake, it turned out becoming a permanent part of my pan, and completely inedibal. Experimentation is just the reality of having a highly restricted diet, and normally, I'm okay with it...but after so many trials, I JUST WANTED MY PANCAKES!

I hadn't even considered sunflower's or any type of seed, since in their whole form, these do not work with my body. One day, I saw someone talking about sunflower flour on their blog, and I became curious...would sunflower's work for me in their ground form? The answer is YES! Sunflower flour totally agrees with my body, and has a very similar texture to almond flour! Before this discovery, I was stuck with only coconut flour, which can be dense on it's own. Having two flours to mix changed EVERYTHING!

Now I know what you're thinking.... why are your pancakes green? That would be due to sunflower's chlorogenic acid, which when combined and heated with baking soda, turns green! Totally harmless, can be prevented by adding lemon juice, but clearly... ya girl didn't add lemon juice. Also, toned down the greens in post...so these were GREEN! I love these because they truly have that fluffy, pancake texture. A slight crisp binding on the outside, and a fluffy, soft middle. I topped these with bananas and honey (to stay mostly SCD), and they were DELICIOUS this way! Also, would be super yummy with a SCD jam (recipe coming soon), and clearly, maple if that works with your body. Okay, let's get to the recipe! *Yields: 7-8 medium/large pancakes.


-3/4 Cup Coconut Flour

-6 TBSP Sunflower Flour (I grind my own for organic)

-1.5 tsp Baking Soda (I like this brand for no added aluminum!)

-6 TBSP Coconut Oil (room temp. or SLIGHTLY softened)-1.5 Medium/Large Very Ripe Bananas

Flax Eggs (6) (or regular eggs for full SCD. Regular eggs don't do well with my body, but ground flax DOES)

-6 TBSP Ground Flax + a couple of pinches

-18 TBSP Water


Step 1: Begin by mixing the ingredients for the flax egg. Whisk with a fork, and place in freezer for 10 minutes until a jelly texture is achieved.

Step 2: In the meantime, mix all dry ingredients in large mixing bowl.

Step 3: Add in coconut oil and mashed banana to dry ingredients, and mush with fork until well combined.

Step 4: Add in flax egg, and use fork to blend until well combined.

Step 5: Prepare a skillet on the stove top by adding enough coconut oil to grease the bottom on medium/high heat. Once pan is hot, begin scooping pancake batter onto pan. (**The batter's texture should be thick and will NOT take on the texture of a normal pancake batter. Simply press down once in pan to achieve around 1/2 inch thickness.)

Step #6: Once crisped on one side, flip with spatula and crisp remaining side. Each side should take only a couple of minutes on medium heat.

Step #7: Remove from pan, and top with desired fruit + toppings.

Step #8: Enjoy! These keep well in the fridge, and are best re-warmed.

That's it! Quick, simple, and tummy-friendly! I hope this helped to add more diversity into your diet, and filled the void that was pancakes. And if you already could have pancakes, I hope these are a delicious, healthy alternative! One of my favorite things is finding new ingredients to expand my options when baking, and sunflower flour has been such an amazing addition!

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