Could You Have SIBO?

SIBO is a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth that is yet to be widely accepted/believed, and makes you feel like shart. I had round 2 of SIBO symptoms beginning in February of this year, and never got tested until April due to my symptoms being unusual and…just weird. I literally told all my doctors what was going on, and they said…We don’t know, but doesn’t sound serious so you’re fine. K. So basically I vow never to go back to local GI’s again (I’ve had 100% bad experiences in my city), and I immediately turned to my functional specialist who suggested a SIBO test. I took it, and my results showed both Hydrogen AND Methane SIBO at significant levels. From here, I began treatment and felt like a new woman in 3.5 weeks. The first time I had SIBO, I went on a 4-month herbal antibiotic protocol, this time, I used both Xifaxan and Neomycin. I normally avoid medicine at all costs (ESPECIALLY antibiotics), but these antibiotics are concentrated on particular areas, therefore, preserving your good bacteria. I actually had no problems with these and was grateful my SIBO went away so quickly.

So, to get to the point of this post, I want to lay out ALL of my symptoms for you (some disgusting, ALL TMI), so that if you are having super weird, unknown symptoms, you can hopefully find a little bit of direction (or at least comfort) through my experiences. So to start off with the weirdest, most confusing and gross symptom….

1. Thousands of black and yellow (2 separate and different colored objects) chia seed like substances in my poop.

-It started out with just a few in February, and quickly increased to thousands each and every time I had a bowel movement. This went on until the last week I was on my antibiotics (so over 3 months). It was…concerning to say the least.

2. Constant stomach pain and side cramps.

-This increased when I ate, which made me want to basically swear off food. It always felt like my intestines near my left side were tied in a super tight knot that made everything I ate create crazy bad pain in that area. It sucked.

3. GAS.

-Like, all day err’ day. This made going to the gym pretty hard. You could always find me taking one earphone out to make sure no one could hear my farts. What a tragic life.

4. Constipation OR Diarrhea

-The only thing better than one, is both. Am I right? I later found out this was because Hydrogen SIBO causes diarrhea, while Methane SIBO causes constipation. It’s like I won the SIBO lottery! This was totally unpredictable too. One morning I’d wake up feeling constipated with hard stools and popping half a bottle of magnesium (and by half a bottle I mean 2-4 a day). The next day, I’d have diarrhea and was pooping every hour. There was no winning. Only weird pooping.

5. BLOAT like a mother.

-Literally like a mother…I looked 5 months pregnant at all times. This wasn’t even just after my first meal or tied to anything I could pinpoint. I’d wake up bloated. I’d go to bed bloated. My entire life was bloated! I constantly felt like I had just chugged 1 gallon of water, and it made me want to cry.

So there ya have it. 3+ months of my life living with SIBO. It was awful, but honestly grateful…it gave me a blog topic. Optimism at its best. This is not encouragement to self-diagnose, or me telling you that if you have these symptoms, it’s definitely SIBO. This post is simply sharing my experiences when I was completely lost as to what was happening, to discovering and healing the true issue. Anyways, if you are interested, I will be talking about what I am now doing as maintenance to try to keep SIBO from coming back in a post in the next few days. Happy SIBO’ing!

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