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Cinnamon Sugar Donuts (AIP - Paleo - Vegan)

Don't you miss just being able to grab a donut on the way out the door in the mornings? I remember every Sunday morning my parents would go get a dozen donuts from the bakery section of our local grocery store for the whole family before church. I'm drooling and also throwing up at the same time right now. Those were the days. Well, I'd say the last donut I've had was at least five years ago now, which kind of ripped a part of my heart out. So yesterday, I decided that enough was enough and I WOULD have a donut! So I went to the kitchen and literally just started messing around with ingredients until I came up with this delicious combination. And the best part is...the outside actually crunches with a cinnamon sugar coating because it's a REAL granulated sugar!! Maybe this means nothing to you, but I have stuck to all liquid sweeteners (honey, maple, etc.) for the past couple of years, and this is a big deal to me.

I just want to preface this by saying that you can swap sweeteners out to preference, and I haven't experimented with this, but I'm pretty sure swapping real eggs out for the gelatin one's would work just fine as well. Okay, let's get started!


Donut Batter *Makes 6-8

-3/4 Cups Coconut Flour

-6 TBSP Collagen Peptides

-1 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt

-1 1/2 tsp Baking Soda

-3/8 Cup Maple Syrup

-3/8 Cup Date sugar

-3/4 Cup Pumpkin Puree

-3 Gelatin Eggs (6 TBSP hot water, 3 TBSP tepid water, 3 TBSP gelatin) *Sub flax eggs for vegan (3 TBSP flax, 9 TBSP water) OR can use eggs as a sub if you only follow paleo.

-2 TSP Cinnamon


-Aprox. 1/4 Cup Date Sugar

-Aprox. 1/8 Cup Cinnamon

*Can add more if needed


Step #1: Preheat oven to 350 F

Step #2: Combine all dry ingredients and mix well

Step #3: Combine all wet ingredients (including gelatin egg) and beat with a hand mixer until smooth

Step #4: Place batter in a pastry bag (or make-shift pastry bag via ziplock *my method)

Step #5: Grease donut pan with coconut or avocado oil

Step #6: With pastry bag, distribute batter into donut pan evenly

Step #7: Grease the back of a spoon and FIRMLY press batter into donut pan (this prevents crumbling)

Step #8: Place in oven for 30-40 minutes, or until fork comes out clean

Step #9: While waiting for the donuts to cool, mix the coating ingredients on a plate to coat donuts.

Step #10: Once donuts have completely cooled (*essential) turn donut pan upside down and press out (if silicone like mine)

Step #11: Roll in coating mixture until evenly covered

Step #12: Serve cold or heat to serve. Both ways are delicious! Enjoy!!

I'll be putting up a plain glazed donut recipe soon, but I have to take care of my thanksgiving recipes as top priority! If you enjoyed this recipe, let me know via email or Instagram. I hope this helps you reach your donut dreams like it did mine!

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