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Hi, my name is Madi! I am a 24-year-old wellness blogger with a true passion for the power of food and a holistic approach to healing. Since I was little baby Madi, I've had major stomach issues. They were inconvenient and annoying, but stayed semi-dormant until the summer after my sophomore year in college. Leading up to this, I horrible acne since the age of 11 (continuing through college) a non-functioning gallbladder, and super high cortisol levels. I looked at these as isolated issues, and had no clue why no prescription or over-the-counter treatment worked. More about this later, so let's get on with the story. This summer, everything changed. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, and sickness began to dictate what I could do and when I could do it. It took over my life, and quickly made it clear that it was going to control everything. Everything I put into my body caused serious pain, and I woke up and fell asleep in pain each day. 

I spent countless hours doing research, trying to find a way to heal and live a semi-normal life again. I was loaded up on medication for Crohn's, or manifestations of Crohn's, and was still feeling no relief from symptoms, much less TRUE healing. 

I ate a paleo/raw vegan diet that entire summer through my first semester of my junior year, and then eventually found the AIP diet. 

The AIP diet provided me with so much healing and hope, and was also the time I began to fall in love with baking, and nutrition. However, although AIP was such a blessing in my life, I still felt pretty bad on a day-to-day basis. There was never I time I wasn't having cramps, and my food just wasn't digesting well. This is also around the time I began having major hormone issues, and I was so up and down emotionally. I knew there had to be more, but I had no clue how to find it on my own.

This is when I decided to look beyond conventional medicine, and enter the world of functional medicine. Functional medicine uses scientific evidence to heal through a holistic approach. Sometimes this requires medicine, sometimes it uses supplements and alternative approaches. Much of the time, it is a combination of all of these. I decided to completely dedicate myself to healing, no matter what this meant. In my case, this meant a lot of blood work, testing, supplements, and diet changes. As I made these changes and continued to show up to my quarterly appointments, I began finally seeing true healing and change for the first time since my diagnosis. After around a year, I remember saying: "I feel like I don't even have Crohn's anymore." I felt THAT

normal. This is when I became a true believer in digging up root causes, and finding connections. No problem is isolated, and it can all be traced back to some source. 

Now, I follow a modified/Madi-friendly version of the SCD diet (void of eggs, dairy, most forms of nuts, and whole seeds), and feel the best I've ever felt. This doesn't mean I don't have hiccups in my health, or that new issues never arise that must be traced back to the source, but now, I know how to go about handing it.  Just this hope alone has been so empowering, and life changing for my mental health.

All of this to say, I don't want you to go through the same hopeless months or years. I don't want you to spend 1/2 your time obsessively searching for answers, and looking for a way to simply feel healthy again. I can't provide healing myself, but I can be here to answer your questions from my personal experiences, tell you what worked for me, and be a single-stop source of hope, encouragement, and discussion. Also, I can provide you with a ton of yummy recipes that are total dupes of your favorite junk food 😉

Finding this community has been one of the best things I've ever done, and I love the opportunity to talk to so many of you who have or are going through similar situations, or simply, just want to thrive through food and a holistic approach to life! 

Thanks for visiting my page, and I can't wait to get connected! 


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